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Coaching, hype​ or h​elp?

by Bettina Armour

March 15, 2018

I have a great support system, why do I need a coach? I need a coach can I just ask a friend?

Not everybody needs a coach and not every coach is the best match for you. 

A professional coach may be a good option if you feel challenged to create more energy or capacity in your life or business. Finding the right coach for you is a combination of relationship and expertise.

A good match is one where you have mutual respect and can trust in the process. When you want to stay in your comfort zone the coach is there to challenge and probe. When you feel that you are faltering the coach can be right there to support and encourage.

There are many challenges that you may tackle on your own, with friends or family and there are times when an outside perspective of a skilled professional coach can help unleash what is holding you back. What do they do? Coaches can help with life skills, health goals, leadership development, and a variety of special needs. They don't give you the answers but their guidance can empower you to gain clarity and build a plan of action. They will additionally be your accountability partner  to support your follow through. 

If this sounds good to you it may be worth discussing your goals with  prospective professional coaches and see if there is a good match to unlock your potential and thrive.

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