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Breakthrough Growth HACKS

by Bettina Armour

April 26, 2018

Newton’s first law is “commonly” expressed as objects in motion stay in motion and that objects at rest stay at rest, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Everyday, we tackle our personal and business routine in the same way. We drive to work the same way, we go to the same people for advice, we use the same sales model. Why? Because it works. But does it?

You may have missed the sign of an unbalanced force.

Try these 3 unbalancing hacks and see if you can breakthrough.

Get out of your comfort zone

Meet an organization or group that you know nothing about. Why? You don't know what you don’t know. I attended a local event recently, InsurTech a hub for tech acceleration that showcase innovative products and services that are relevant in the insurance industry. They explored everything from IoT to data security and customer experience. Do any of those topics seem relevant to the business you are in? Think beyond your borders.

Put on your porpoise ears 

The porpoise has the largest hearing range in the world. Imagine hearing what we can not. What would we want to know? Our customers get a ton of  surveys, ask just one question, not five, not twelve. What is the one thing we could do to create a better (fill in the blank) for you? You might have a great service but if you can't get anyone to love and tell others about it, then you are missing key opportunities for growth. Check out Six Ways Listening Improves The Customer Experience.

By the way, your customers are also your employees. Don’t get so focused externally that you miss the contributions of your team. If you ask, be prepared to take effective and tangible action.

Feedback is a gift, don't take it lightly.

Throw yourself a line

No man, woman or company is an island. Your local educational institution, industry group or even your competition can be great resources.  Their broad backgrounds can lead to new perspectives. Local schools want to teach relevant business courses, you can help Support that is mutually beneficial can lead to big wins.

If you are not a business and reading this, these hacks apply to you too.  Today starts today. Now BREAKTHROUGH!

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